Razer Kishi Review

Razer Kishi Review

The Razer Kishi aims to be the most universal controller accessory for smartphones yet and for the most part it succeeds in doing so.

Razer Kishi Review – Gaming Controller for Android

Bring the console gameplay experience to your phone with the Razer Kishi. This gaming controller features a flexible design with a USB-C connection to support a wide range of Android smartphones, with an iPhone version coming later this summer. Jason Howell gives his review.

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Razer Kishi V2 vs V1 – What’s the difference?

The new Razer Kishi V2 is here but, how does it compare to the Kishi V1? Well if you are looking for the answer to that. This Razer Kishi V2 vs V1 review will help you.

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00:00 – The best gaming controller for Android?
00:36 – The new style grip
01:10 – Upgraded width
01:40 – Will it work with a case?
02:10 – New interchangeable spacers
02:35 – Upgraded D-Pad tech
03:00 – New multi-function buttons
03:25 – Another new button & App
03:55 – The button layout
04:10 – The USB-C input
04:42 – Button clicky-ness
06:00 – How easy it to use?
06:50 – Is it any good?
08:02 – What I wish it had



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Razer Kishi – SMARTPHONE in KONSOLE verwandeln? (Review)

Im heutigen Video verwandeln wir mit dem Razer Kishi unser Android Smartphone in eine Handheld-Konsole. Viel Spaß! 🙂

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