Hunting – GTA 5 Guide


Hunting – GTA 5 Guide

Hunting is a Sports activity in GTA 5. Hunting is unlocked through contact with Cletus in northeast Sandy Shores. After completing two hunting-related events

GTA 5 PC – Hunting & Challenges

Grand Theft Auto V PC – Walkthrough \ Guide for all the Hunting Challenges challenges in Grand Theft Auto V [1080p and 60 frames-per-second]

GTA V PC Side Missions Playlist:


SIDE MISSION: Hunting & Challenges

0:00 – Hunting
0:18 – Hunting Gold Session

Master Hunter Challenges
2:51 – Rank 1: Kill an Elk with a heart shot.
3:20 – Rank 2: Kill 2 Elk in a row without a call.
4:02 – Rank 3: Kill 3 Elk in a row undetected.
4:57 – Rank 4: Kill 5 Elk within four minutes.
6:50 – Rank 5: Kill 2 Elk with a single shot.

Weapon Master Challenges
7:19 – Rank 1: Kill a Coyote with a shotgun.
7:46 – Rank 2: Run a Boar over.
8:12 – Rank 3: Kill a Mountain Lion with a grenade.
8:51 – Rank 4: Kill an Elk without looking through the scope.
9:12 – Rank 5: Kill any Bird with the Sniper Rifle.

Nature Photographer Challenges
9:32 – Rank 1: Text Cletus a photo of a Doe.
10:14 – Rank 2: Text Cletus a photo of 2 dead Elk.
11:26 – Rank 3: Text Cletus a photo of a dead Coyote and a dead Boar.
12:50 – Rank 4: Text Cletus a photo of an Elk corpse and a charging Cougar.
14:03 – Rank 5: Text Cletus a photo of an Elk, a Cougar, a Boar and a Coyote corpse.


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