Things Not to Do in Dark Souls 2 – Dark Souls II Guide


Things Not to Do in Dark Souls 2 – Dark Souls II Guide

There are some things you should not do in Dark Souls 2. The extraordinary freedom offered by the game carries with it a potentially awesome price. Making bad

I Interviewed The Guy Trying To Fix Dark Souls 2

I found the man getting everyone excited about Dark Souls 2 again, and managed to interview him!
Stayd’s goal is to create the ‘Flames of Old’, a mod for Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin overhauling lighting, shaders, maps, and gameplay. This mod will dramatically increase the fidelity of the game’s environments and lighting, hopefully bringing them on-par with what was shown pre-release, while also ironing out the game’s rougher edges.

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Crowbcat Dark Souls 2 downgrade full comparison –

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The Dumb Guide to No-Man’s Wharf [Dark Souls 2 SotFS]

►The Dumb and Fastpaced Guide to Dark Souls 2 Scholar of the First Sin. So may the pause be with you.
Never really liked this area, it’s full of sneaky shit and stuff, so this time the guide can actually be usefull.
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►Никогда особо не любил эту локацию, но она кишит врагами и разным шмотом, так что в этот раз гайд реально может стать полезным.

►NOTE: This guide will not cover ALL items and mechanics, but will show the path of an average player. So enjoy!

Yes, this video was inspired by the WildPies [] DumbShits Guide to Dark Souls, but i think he doesn’t give a shit. If you wonder “who de fuk is wildpie?”, then just nevermind.

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Dark Souls II Guide: Six Paths from Majula

Are you stuck in Dark Souls II? Do you feel like the game is way too linear with no real options to go? Do you flat out not know where to go? Well believe it or not, from Majula there are actually SIX different paths you can take. That’s right, six. Three can be done from the start of the game, one requires just a few thousand souls to buy an item from Majula, one requires that you defeat one boss that you can access from the start followed by 2000 souls, and one you’ll need an item that you won’t get until a bit later. Through this video, I’ll show you in detail what you have to do and where to go for each of these six paths. Best news, no spoilers! Enjoy.

Yea, I pronounce everything wrong.