6 Super Spicy Snack Challenges To Haze Your Idiot Friends

6 Super Spicy Snack Challenges To Haze Your Idiot Friends

Spice is the variety of life, at least if you want to make your friends cry real tears.

I Changed My BODY & My LIFE in 1 month. (Everything I Actually Eat & How I Train) | My New Habits

DISCLAIMER: everything in this video is my own personal experience and opinion. It’s my story and what worked for me, not what works for everyone. Take it with a grain of salt. ily guys.Thank you CoPilot for Sponsoring this video! Click my link https://go.mycopilot.com/lindasun to get 14 days FREE with your own expert fitness and health coach!

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A few words from me:
I was terrified to post this video. I don’t want you guys to think looking a certain way is the answer to happiness and confidence. Confidence is a mindset, not a body. Confidence, FOR ME, stems from how I live my everyday life, my routine, the people I surround myself with and how I treat my body. Health and confidence are different for everyone. But, at least personally, health and confidence are corresponding. I lost what health meant to me for a little bit. I got lost in growing up and changing and dealing with young adult things… but that’s part of my journey. This is just one month of re-learning what a healthy, confident, balanced life means to me again. This is personal to me. I love my body, so I want to remind you guys that you always deserve to feel your best. And that can encompass anything and everything from self-care, nutrition, food freedom, movement, therapy, better sleep, focusing on yourself, deleting TikTok, buying new pants, gratitude lists, etc. I love you guys. Be kind to yourself, your mind and your body. Do it for you ��

Chocolate Protein mug cake

Pad thai: (2 servings)
• 2 tbsp fish sauce
• 2 tbsp sweetener
• 1.5 tbsp oyster sauce
• 2 tbsp tomato paste
• 0.5 tbsp soy sauce

• 200g tofu
• 100g rice noodles
• 1 clove
• 1/2 onion
• veggies of choice
• egg

Honey garlic tofu:
• hard air fried tofu
• 1 tbsp soy sauce
• 1 tbsp honey
• 1 tbsp rice vinegar
• 1/2 tsp corn starch and water mixture
• garlic

1. Air fry tofu
2. Pan fry all sauce ingredients
3. Add tofu
4. Eat with veggies and rice

Pb cup Protein Overnight oats (By @minimin.eats)
• 40g rolled oats + water
• 15g protein powder
• 1 tsp powdered pb
• 50g Greek Yogurt

Swirl top:
[5g cocoa powder
+ water] + [Powdered pb]

Put in fridge over night or for over 4 hours and EAT!

1/2 cup oats
1/2-1 banana
1 scoop protein
1 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp cinnamon
pinch of salt
almond milk/ water to thin
toppings: berries + banana + maple syrup + CRUNCHY PB

Nourish bowl w/ Tahini dressing
Air fried broccoli + air fried broccoli +
Roasted sweet potato + avocado + chickpea + quinoa

Lemon Tahini Dressing:
1 tbsp Tahini + 1 tbsp honey
+ 1 tsp lemon juice + water if needed

Air Fried chickpeas:
1 can of chickpeas + 1 tbsp oil + garlic powder + onion powder + paprika + cumin + chill powder + salt + pepper
air fry for 15 mins at 400°F

Berry overnight oats:
1/2 cup oats
3/4 cup almond milk
1/4 cup Greek yogurt
1 scoop protein powder
1 tbsp chia seed
Too many raspberries
Put in fridge over night or for over 4 hours and eat

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How old are you? Born in 2001
What camera do I use? Canon m50
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What do you use to edit? FINALCUT PRO
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What kind of dog do you have? His name is Milo and he’s a Maltese.
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HOW TO SNEAK MAKEUP INTO CLASS || Cool School Tricks And Funny Situations And DIY by 123 GO! SCHOOL

How could I live without makeup?!
What kind of makeup is that?
Yep, edible makeup’s totally a thing.

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