the Tomorrow is a web journal that reports, gathers, and inspires the untiring generation of ideas, events, and conversations that unite the mental and geographical space of Europe.

The Europe of today is operating more and more as one big, polycentric city. Although the experience of the European metropolis is still limited to a minority, this group is a significant and expanding one that plays a crucial economical and cultural role.

Thinking about Europe has always come before and constructed European space. The ideas of Europe that have arisen from the dialogue between its protagonists have been decisive in varying the perimeter and nature of the territories in which European unity has been depicted over the centuries.

the Tomorrow tries to imagine a public discussion that reflects the richness and complexity of the Europe/City. the Tomorrow is a daily journal about the future: it covers things that have yet to happen — contributing to shape the Europe of tomorrow.


theTomorrow comprises:

  • a public exchange of emails among a (growing) group of intellectuals, artists, scientists, researchers, and exponents from different disciplines within and outside Europe — a contemporary Republic of Letters;
  • a map/calendar of all the most interesting and generative spaces, and innovative cultural events spreaded across the whole European and Mediterranean area.


We count on everyone’s contribution. You might want to get involved by recommending us intersting venues and events. If you wish to join an existing conversation, or submit a new one, please take a look at our rules and contact our editorial staff.