August 2016

After Belonging — How much of the city do we own?

Dear After Belonging Agency, 1. The Zeltzimmer, or tent room, designed by Karl Friedrich Schinkel …

29 Aug 2016

November 2015

Transatlantic routes 2

Dear Fabrizio, There are several questions at stake in your provocation, but something that is …

25 Nov 2015

September 2015

Transatlantic routes 1

Dear Ignacio (and by extension dear ABA), The members of your collective are all part …

6 Sep 2015

May 2015

Artytecture 2

Dear Simona, Let´s start saying that I don’t know if it would make sense to …

29 May 2015

The Republic of Letters

Dear Members of the Tomorrow, It’s been nearly a year since I received your invitation …

6 May 2015

April 2015

Endless Present 3

Dear Prof. Dr. Wanka, At the website of the Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, you …

23 Apr 2015

March 2015

Artytecture 1

Dear Ruth, I hope this letter finds you well. Pier Paolo Tamburelli suggested to discuss …

24 Mar 2015

Europe Futurissimissimo 2

Dear Federico, I am unable to imagine a place that would exist only for artists. …

7 Mar 2015

February 2015

Faces on Banknotes 3

Dear Sophie Nys, Dear Pier Paolo, In researching the logic behind the assessment of the …

7 Feb 2015

Europe Futurissimissimo 1

Dear Camille Henrot, Some years ago, the poet Michel Deguy observed how the 20th century …

6 Feb 2015

January 2015

Failures 7

Dear Stefano, I believe I am better known for the failure of two projects that …

7 Jan 2015

December 2014

Socialists 4

Dear Pier Paolo and friends, I thank you for inviting me to this conversation. Some …

27 Dec 2014

Failures 6

27 Dec 2014


13 Dec 2014

Mass Creativity 6

Dear Oliver, Dear Adam, Dear Pier Paolo, the “middle classicism” evoked by Pier Paolo may …

1 Dec 2014

November 2014

Is Triton Haunting “Our Sea”? 2

Dear Nicola, Although I understand that there is a degree of meta-provocation in your linguistic …

30 Nov 2014

Is Triton Haunting “Our Sea”? 1

Dear Andrea Segre, The recent launch of EU Joint Operation Triton coordinated by Frontex (November …

25 Nov 2014

Foreigners and Strangers 4

Dear Fabrizio, Initially, our approach to this subject focused on contemporary multicultural urban landscapes in …

24 Nov 2014

Socialists 3

Dear Pier Paolo, My difficulty with your question is that I’m not sure I share …

21 Nov 2014

Endless Present 2

Dear Stefano, If we can distinguish between two kinds of “extended time-frames”: one retrospective and …

20 Nov 2014