Letters on Scotland

September 2014

New Nation-States 4

Dear Pier Paolo, I liked your sentiment that somehow the UK Parliament are to blame …

17 Sep 2014

Leaving the Team 2

Dear Pier Paolo, It could still, as I write, happen. If Scotland votes Yes to …

15 Sep 2014

Leaving the Team 1

Dear Sam Jacob, You have been living for a while in Scotland. If Scotland now …

15 Sep 2014

New Nation-States 3

Dear Ivor, Thanks for your kind letter. However, your arguments leave me even less convinced. …

13 Sep 2014

New Nation-States 2

Dear Pier Paolo, I contend the notion that an increased number of nation-states in the …

11 Sep 2014

New Nation-States 1

Dear Ivor Williams, On September 18, Scotland will vote to become an independent country. Similar …

11 Sep 2014