Letters on Arts

December 2014

Mass Creativity 6

Dear Oliver, Dear Adam, Dear Pier Paolo, the “middle classicism” evoked by Pier Paolo may …

1 Dec 2014

September 2014

Mass Creativity 4

Dear Adam Szymczyk, Dear Pier Paolo, From my limited point of view as a practicing …

7 Sep 2014

July 2014

Mass Creativity 2

Dear Pier Paolo, thank you for your email and I am sorry for I did …

27 Jul 2014

Mass Creativity 1

Dear Adam Szymczyk, contemporary Europe is filled with creativity. Everywhere middle class kids who went …

27 Jul 2014

June 2014

Migrations 2

Dear Tiziana, Firstly thanks for the analysis. It’s sharp and opinionated. It makes me wonder …

6 Jun 2014

Migrations 1

Dear Charles, At the end of the 1990s, beginning of the new millennium, we were …

1 Jun 2014

May 2014

Classic 2

Dear Pier Paolo, In order to maintain/ensure the relevance of our cultural production, that very …

24 May 2014

Classic 1

Dear Kersten, Classic seems a notion more associated with the ambition of the project than …

19 May 2014