the Tomorrow Grant

In order to foster the exchange of ideas and help shape the future of Europe, the Tomorrow has established the Tomorrow Grant, a programme funded by Fondazione Cariplo which has been involving international university students since October 2014.

Thanks to the bestowal of the Tomorrow Grant, seven Master’s students from different provenances have been able to work within the Tomorrow editorial board. Three groups with specific tasks were set up, each of which is supported by a mentor: Networking Team, Content Editing Team, and Social Media Team.

Networking Team

Matheus Cartocci
Luigi Savio
mentor — Livia Shamir

The Networking Team searches for places and events of cultural relevance in the European and Mediterranean areas, and seeks to promote a network of relationships between them and the Tomorrow.

Content Editing Team

Franz Bittenbinder
Yulia Filatova
mentor — Nicola Pietro Bonaldi

The tasks of the Content Editing Team include the writing, editing, and publishing of contents on the Tomorrow website, in the aim of providing the best depiction as possible of the European cultural scene.

Social Media Team

Luis Pimentel
Enrico Pinto
mentor — Maddalena Fiocchi

The activity of the Social Media Team takes place mostly on Facebook and Twitter, with the purpose of promoting and developing the Tomorrow‘s public relations and supporting the growth of an European cultural network.

What do the protagonists of the Tomorrow Grant have to say about it?

the Tomorrow — a project for the future of Europe is perceived as a great experience. Enriching and personally fulfilling project, it was great to be part of a team that seeks to find, discuss, write about and promote cultural spaces in the never-ending entity of venues in Europe.

Hopefully, someday the project will grow into something even bigger — promoting not only venues in Europe, but also in the whole world.

I believe it was a great pleasure to meet and work with everyone in the team. Wish good luck to everyone!

Maria, Content Editing Team

Looking back on the last six months I can certainly say that being part of the Tomorrow was a great opportunity for me:

First of all I want to emphasize that the team, which I had the pleasure to work with, was outmost competent, ambitious and inspiring creating the perfect environment to discuss critically topics related to European culture and the way the project can be done in an appropriate and succesfull way.

Secondly I am thankful for the possibility to contribute with my knowledge to the publication of a broad spectrum of outmost interesting events. I think we could manage to reach a big audience and encourage people around Europe to be more aware of the importance of culture.

In addition, I wanted to point out that the organisation was done in a well structured way, which helped enormously to create a reasonable frame for the project to grow from week to week.

Finally I want to express my gratitude to the sponsors that made the project possible and by that giving chance for a great group of creative heads to develop a consistent project.

Franz Bittenbinder, Content Editing Team

Working with the Tomorrow has been an enriching and fertile experience. Creating a network of European venues and cultural centers opens one’s mind. Makes one understand how Europe really is a single country more than a continent of different nations. When you see a Portuguese exhibition moving from Lisbon to Warsaw, from Naples to Manchester creating the same attraction and rising the same interest, the realization that we are one big nation is immediate.

Matheus Cartocci, Networking Team

It was a very good experience to work with the Tomorrow. Very nice and good communication team. It’s great to be involved in the everyday discovering of curious and peculiar information about the future of Europe.

Yulia Filatova, Content Editing Team

After Networking and Content Editing Teams work. We make connections. We draw a virtual body. We transfer venues from the physical to a much wider non visible geography.

I tweet.

Luis Pimentel, Social Media Team

Joinin the Tomorrow was one of the most interesting experiences I’ve ever had and no doubt the one I’m most proud of. It allowed me to read a new level in society and contemporary cities, getting in touch with people who care about the culture and all its facets. Thank the Tomorrow I realized how much culture there is in Europe and I have learned to recognize where it lurks, when it explodes, and how one might feel it: Somehow I found myself monitor it, make it accessible, translate it and question it.

Within the project, in fact, I was asked to take care of the management of social media. I do not hide that I was very hesitant, in principle, not loving especially spend time on Facebook. But thanks to the management of a page as the Tomorrow, I found many positives of the new means of communication, and I realized how great a willingness to share and the desire for communication between people who are intellectuals, philosophers, electronics engineers or unbridled clubbers. It would be great to spread my growing awareness to as many people as possible, who often do not realize to live in a dynamic environment and fraught with possibilities. the Tomorrow is really about what might happen tomorrow: a culture that is capable of putting together all the differences and finding a common project.

Enrico Pinto, Social Media Team

I deeply believe the Tomorrow had an important value in my personal growth. In fact it pushed me to focus on a wider range of subjects allowing me to finally understand how culture is diffused, produced and exploited in European areas.

the Tomorrow is providing an outmost innovative service to its users, depicting a far more interconnected continent; it is a platform where global and local tendencies come together, where edgy and traditional topics are fully examined.

The sincere and friendly collaboration among the coworkers is one clue of the authenticity of this talented group of people, each one contributing with their skills and ambitions to the realisation of the project.

My opinion is clearly positive and I would like to sincerely thank the whole set of sponsors which gave us the chance to take part to this great vision.

Luigi Savio, Networking Team

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