If you want to start a new conversation, contact us or write directly to your correspondent copying (Cc) info[at] as a recipient of your e-mail and including the following text:

“This e-mail is part of the Tomorrow project. This text and your answer will be published on”

The correspondence of the Tomorrow operates via a simple set of rules aimed at defining and shaping its public nature:

  1. All conversations in the Tomorrow begin with a precise question in form of an email addressed from the author to one or more recipients.
  2. Authors can decide to write their letters either in English or in other languages. Non-English texts will be translated into English by the editorial board.
  3. Letters are not required to have a fixed format. Letters can include images or videos.
  4. Once received a question in the form of an email, authors can perform one or more of the following actions:
    — reply to the initial letter;
    — start a new dialogue by inviting new contributors to participate in the conversation;
    — forward the conversation to new recipients.
    Through this process, the Tomorrow‘s network will expand naturally. Also, a conversation might be forwarded by the editorial staff to a new author, in order to invite them to join the conversation.
  5. The editorial board operates as the moderator of the dialogue.
  6. Letters will be published only after a response has been received from their recipients, i.e., conversations will be published only when they reach at least two contributions.
  7. Authors who have already participated in an exchange for the Tomorrow can submit their own responses to letters not explicitly addressed to them, by contacting the editorial board.
  8. Comments are free on the Tomorrow website. The editorial board will act as moderator: offensive or misleading comments will be removed.
  9. Anyone can submit ideas and contributions to start a new conversation on the Tomorrow by contacting the editorial board here.